Why Kuoni Global Travel Services?

We live and love travel.

When you ask people what they are passionate about around here – it’s pretty consistent: travel, learning and meeting new people.

As a dynamic and multicultural global company, you have the chance to seek out opportunities and keep these passions alive in your daily work. It’s a flexible environment where employees can grow, travel and enjoy work.

We are actively recruiting for people with a proven track record of:

• Trust - developing strong partnerships with customers, suppliers and colleagues alike
• Reliability - delivering on promises and driving results
• Quality - leveraging our service differentiator
• Customer focus - keeping customers at the forefront
• Knowledge – experts in their field and promoters of learnings

We’re looking for people who are innovative in driving better ways of doing things and who embrace change as an opportunity. To be successful in this global business, ability to navigate and adapt to different cultures is a must.

Growing yourself within the company

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From working on complex bookings and creative events, to driving projects for continuous improvement, there’s a lot of on the job and functional training.

Beyond that, we actively encourage employees to take some time away from the day to day to focus on themselves.

Our eLearning portal provides a wide range of flexible learning opportunities to continually gain new skills and knowledge. Here thousands of e- learning resources are available 24x7.

Managers and senior leaders participate in a year-long learning programme. Participation allows colleagues from around the world to come together to acquire new skills and tools that sharpen management and leadership abilities.

The company also provides opportunities to move department or even country to grow your career.

Longstanding commitment

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 We are committed to long-term career development.

Even as a relatively young and multicultural workforce (most of our employees are between 26-35 years old), people have long tenures.

The average duration of our professional tenure is 7 years and for management it’s as high as 11 years.

We actively celebrate long-term service through certificates, gifts and local celebrations. It’s not uncommon to come together to mark 25 years!

Celebrating success

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We know a small thank you goes a long way. But being a travel company, we also like to celebrate in a big way.

The Global Stars programme recognises exemplary performance across the globe and culminates in an annual celebration.

This year the winners enjoyed the wonders of Bangkok from cooking classes at the Blue Elephant to a celebratory gala dinner with the senior leadership team.

An agile approach to work

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At Kuoni Global Travel Services, we go beyond believing that the promotion of a flexible working environment can increase staff engagement and promote work-life balance.

For us it makes business sense, as there are high seasons for group travel and curating events across the world. Our approach to agile working aims to improve performance and productivity and ensure business continuity.

In some countries, we have formal schemes in place based on the role, department, managers and system access such as:
• Agile working is the ability for employees to have different options in the location of their work, on a flexible basis
• Annualised Hours presents a flexible approach for employees to match their working hours with the seasonal needs of the business. So you work a set number of hours over the year, rather than per week, meaning that you might work longer hours during certain peak periods of the month or year and less in others.

Where we don’t have formal schemes, we are actively looking to promote agile working where possible.

In a company of people who live and love travel, and have many passions outside of work, life-style breaks allow employees to take time away from the business during less busy periods.

Experience the world

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Individuals from Sales are selected to participate in familiarity trips. Or as we call them FAM trips, where colleagues take a tour to experience first-hand our popular destinations, as well as up and coming ones.

Being able to experience our products and itineraries ultimately helps provide even more expert services to clients.

Standing Together to make a difference

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For colleagues who are passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility, the company encourages them to put on fundraising or community service events.

Last year, our employees raised 15,000 EUR for local charities and global partner ECPAT International. These donations were matched by the company.

Local initiatives contributing to the fundraising included:
• Book drives
• Bake sales
• Wii Olympics
• Table football tournaments
• Quiz nights
• Movember event

For one week as part of a global Stand Together Campaign, offices around the world all put on local events to contribute back to the community.