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Sustainable development in Kuoni Congress

The importance of sustainability in our industry is reflected by the increasing number of measures and standards that have been designed with our sector in mind. We are passionate about the future, and the opportunities that sustainable development brings – innovation, growth, and health.

In Kuoni Congress sustainability isn’t just a part of our business, it defines the way in which we work. Our primary social purpose is to help clients plan, create and deliver congresses sustainably and we are in the process of establishing business processes to ensure that this is the case.

Kuoni Congress have received the ISO 20121 certification, thanks to a sustainability management system that is effective throughout our Kuoni Congress business. This encourages active measures to reduce the impact of congress management that comes from coordinating the movement of large groups of people and provisioning local services for them.

Kuoni Congress Sustainability Policy

Kuoni Congress Supplier Code of Conduct

Visit the Kuoni Congress site to find out more (http://www.kuoni-congress.com/).